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Car Line Signs & Tags

Signs and Tags, LLC, is your source for organizational products to help with school dismissal procedures.  From setting backpacks apart to making the Car Rider Line a little less stressful and more organized, our products make it easier for parents, students and the schools who serve them. Offering visually distinct options for everything from Car Visor Signs to the matching  backpack tag, we ensure that our products assist in organizing students for transport at the end of the day. 

Built on the simple mission of assisting elementary schools with their school dismissal procedures and providing a more organized release of students at the end of the day, our business now serves as a staple for pick-up loops and bus routes throughout the United States. And while we’re larger than ever, we still maintain a simple and effective line of easy-to-use products. You can always count on us to deliver the same level of quality that made us popular with schools in the first place.

Durable And Writable Plastic Backpack Tags

Whether in the car line,  on the bus, or attending the afterschool program, our tags help all staff members to easily recognize where a child should be at the end of the day.  These products minimize the risk of students being at the wrong location when released at the end of the day.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of clear, school-appropriate designs that come in Cars, Buses, Biking or Walking options. Have a hectic before/after school program? We have tags for that, too. With our convenient and affordable Car Line Signs and backpack tags you can keep better control of where students should be at the end of day.

Streamlining the Car Line 

Our Car Rider Visor Signs keep traffic flowing efficiently and help to avoid back-ups. By making sure that your staff always knows where to look when sending children to their guardians’ vehicles, we prevent the stop-and-look phenomenon that can quickly turn your car line into a parking lot. That means less confusion and more time for staff that might otherwise be stuck trying to decipher a less efficient pickup system.

Pair our Car Line Signs with the matching backpack tags for students, and the car line only gets more efficient. Plus, you may identifiy any students that are in the wrong location for dismissal, improving safety and organization. Discover everything our products can offer by shopping with us today.

Contact us for assistance with your Signs & Tags order. We proudly serve and ship to all states within the United States.

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